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Publication - Professor Francesco Mezzadri

    Correlators for the Wigner-Smith time-delay matrix of chaotic cavities


    Cunden, FD, Mezzadri, F, Simm, N & Vivo, P, 2016, ‘Correlators for the Wigner-Smith time-delay matrix of chaotic cavities’. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, vol 49 .


    We study the Wigner–Smith time-delay matrix Q of a ballistic quantum dot supporting N scattering channels. We compute the v-point correlators of the power traces TrQK for arbitrary v ≥ 1 at leading order for large N using techniques from the random matrix theory approach to quantum chromodynamics. We conjecture that the cumulants of the TrQK's are integer-valued at leading order in N and include a MATHEMATICA code that computes their generating functions recursively.

    Full details in the University publications repository