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Dr Charlie Beil

Dr Charlie Beil

Dr Charlie Beil

Heilbronn Research Fellow

Area of research

Noncommutative algebraic geometry and applications to physics

Howard House,
Queen's Ave, Bristol BS8 1SN
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Research summary

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My area of research is in noncommutative algebraic geometry and its applications to physics.  A central theme of my research is a new theory of geometry for nonnoetherian coordinate rings.  I have shown that algebraic varieties with such coordinate rings contain positive dimensional 'smeared-out' points.  My motivation for introducing this new geometry lies in three active areas of research:

  • To understand the geometry and representation theory of a class of noncommutative quiver algebras which have come about from string theory called dimer algebras;
  • To generalize noncommutative resolutions to singularities which are nonnoetherian; and
  • To present a new spacetime framework for ...

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