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Publication - Dr Ashley Montanaro

    Generating entanglement with linear optics


    Stanisic, S, Linden, N, Montanaro, A & Turner, PS, 2017, ‘Generating entanglement with linear optics’. Physical Review A, vol 96.


    Entanglement is the basic building block of linear optical quantum computation, and as such understanding how to generate it in detail is of great importance for optical architectures. We prove that Bell states cannot be generated using only 3 photons in the dual-rail encoding, and give strong numerical evidence for the optimality of the existing 4 photon schemes. In a setup with a single photon in each input mode, we find a fundamental limit on the possible entanglement between a single mode Alice and arbitrary Bob. We investigate and compare other setups aimed at characterizing entanglement in settings more general than dual-rail encoding. The results draw attention to the trade-off between the entanglement a state has and the probability of postselecting that state, which can give surprising constant bounds on entanglement even with increasing numbers of photons.

    Full details in the University publications repository