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Dr Yvette Russell

Key research areas: Continental philosophy, feminist and queer theory, psychoanalysis, race and decolonisation, criminal justice and criminal law, sexual offences.

My research is interdisciplinary and combines study in the law and humanities.  I am a specialist in continental feminist philosophy and write mainly about sexual violence and the criminal law in England and Wales.  My current research looks at how we can productively theorise the end of sexual violence, with reference to feminist philosophy and indigenous feminisms, and argues that we must situate resistance to sexual violence within a context of revolutionary decolonial politics.  I am interested in working with PhD candidates who have particular interests in interdisciplinary theoretical work.

Research keywords

  • feminist theory
  • queer theory
  • poststructuralist philosophy
  • critical legal studies
  • race and criminal justice
  • criminal law
  • sexual offences.