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Publication - Professor Tony Prosser

    The Economic Constitution


    Prosser, T, 2014, ‘The Economic Constitution’. Oxford University Press


    This book sets out different meanings of an economic
    constitution, and applies them to key areas of economic
    management, including taxation and public borrowing, the
    management of public spending, (including the Spending
    Review), monetary policy, financial services regulation,
    industrial policy (including state shareholdings) and
    government contracting. It analyses the key institutions
    involved such as the Treasury and the Bank of England, also
    including a number of less well-known bodies such as the
    Office for Budget Responsibility. There is also coverage
    of the international context in which these institutions
    operate especially the European Union and the World Trade
    Organisation. It thus provides an account of the public law
    applying to economic management in the UK.

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