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Publication - Professor Steven Greer

    Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in the UK

    From Northern Irish Troubles to Global Islamic Jihad


    Greer, S, 2019, ‘Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in the UK: From Northern Irish Troubles to Global Islamic Jihad’. in: Genevieve Lennon, Colin King, Carole McCartney (eds) Counter-Terrorism, Constitutionalism and Miscarriages of Justice: A Festschrift for Clive Walker . Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp. 45-62


    In order to discover the similarities and differences between the Troubles and UK-jihadi types of terrorism, and which are the most significant and why, this chapter explores the key characteristics of the respective socio-political environments, the types of terrorism, and the continuities and discontinuities in counter-terrorist law and policy. The conclusion reached is that, while the differences between the wider environments and the respective kinds of terrorism are much more significant than their superficial similarities, the counter-terrorist responses exhibit a much more complex mix of similarity and dissimilarity.

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