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Dr Oliver Quick


Oliver Quick obtained his LLB (Law and Politics) and his PhD from the University of Wales, Cardiff. 

He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Medical Law and Public Health Law, and has published numerous articles in these fields. He is co-author (with Nicola Lacey and Celia Wells) of Reconstructing Criminal Law (CUP, 2010). He has carried out empirical research projects investigating how prosecutors and experts negotiate law and process in the context of the controversial crime of 'medical manslaughter.'

Oliver has been a visiting scholar at the University of Western Australia (2006), Boston University (2010) and the National University of Singapore (2014). His monograph Regulating Patient Safety: the end of Professional Dominance was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017.

Recent Publications

Quick, O & Ho, A, 2018, ‘Leaving Patients to Their Own Devices? Smart Technology, Safety and Therapeutic Relationships’. BMC Medical Ethics.

Quick, O, Yau, C & Draycott, T, 2018, ‘Clinical-insurer engagement to improve maternity safety in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Australia’. Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management.