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Publication - Ms Nina Boeger

    Beyond the shareholder corporation

    Alternative business forms and the contestation of markets


    Boeger, N, 2018, ‘Beyond the shareholder corporation: Alternative business forms and the contestation of markets’. Journal of Law and Society, vol 45., pp. 10-28


    This article considers various, established and emerging, alternative business forms that differ categorically from the traditional corporation in terms of their governance, objectives, and/or ownership structures, including mission-led businesses, social enterprises, cooperatives, and co-owned firms. Notwithstanding their considerable diversity, the underpinning pattern of these alternatives points towards a stakeholder model of corporate governance that commits the firm to generating value by maximizing the positive impact on its (internal and external) stakeholders while limiting negative impacts, with trade-offs carefully balanced against each other. Through these commitments, the firm internalizes a process of democratic contestation: a procedure to mediate the different interests of these market actors is incorporated directly into the structure of the firm, through procedural mechanisms embedded within its internal constitution.

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