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Publication - Professor Morag McDermont

    Imagining regulation differently

    Co-creating Regulation for Engagement


    McDermont, M, Cole, T, Newman, J & Piccini, A, 2019, ‘Imagining regulation differently: Co-creating Regulation for Engagement’. Policy Press


    There is an urgent need to rethink the relationships between systems of government and those who are ‘governed’. The contemporary transfer of state regulation to the market-based regulation of corporate interests has marginalised many communities in the regulatory systems of everyday life.

    Exploring a broad range of intersecting areas including immigration, social work, food regulation, space and surveillance, older people, ethnicity and faith, this book takes a ‘bottom up’ approach that brings to the fore the experiences and expertise of these communities in order to examine ways that we can better design regulatory systems that support the knowledge and creativity of citizens.

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