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Publication - Professor Lois Bibbings

    Pardoning, Zemiology and Harm


    Bibbings, L, 2019, ‘Pardoning, Zemiology and Harm’. Justice, Power and Resistance, vol 3.


    This article examines the recent history of pardoning in England and Wales in order to lay the foundations for zemiological approaches to the subject. Drawing upon and expanding existing zemiological work on avoidable social harm as well as scholarship which has developed notions of cultural harm, the text investigates pardoning and harm. In doing so, pardoning’s role in addressing and rectifying harm is considered alongside its harmfulness. Here attempts to gain pardons, legal cases about pardoning, examples of pardoning as well as writings on the recent history of pardoning are examined. In addition, some consideration is given to criminal appeals. The conclusion identifies possible avenues for future research, including how work on pardoning might be taken forward.

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