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Professor Judy Laing


Judy was awarded a research grant by the British Academy in 2011 to conduct research into the role of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in monitoring mental health legislation and overseeing standards of mental health care.  Since then, she has been awarded several research grants to further her extesnive and ongoing impact and engagement work with the CQC and UK NPM. Judy conducted an international comparative study in 2012 (with Prof Rachel Murray, HRIC) funded by the Care Quality Commission of mental health monitoring mechanisms. The CQC commissioned this research to inform the development of a new monitoring strategy. The study findings are available on the CQC's website and published in an edited collection on Torture in Healthcare Settings, listed below.  Judy has been an invited member of the CQC's Mental Health Act Advisory Group since October 2014. Judy is co-investigator on a 5 year Wellcome Trust funded project - BABEL - which examines the ethcial and legal dimensions of best interest decision making for individuals who lack mental capacity to make decisions.  

Judy is co-founder and co-Director (with Professor John Coggon) of the Centre for Health, Law, and Society in the School of Law, an interdisciplinary Centre established to examine the diverse roles for law and governance as mechanisms to address health and well-being. She is also a member of the Human Rights Implementation Centre at the University of Bristol.  

Judy is currently working (with Prof R Murray) on two commissioned research projects for the UK National Preventive Mechanism; the findings of the first project, looking at ill-treatment in detention settings, including mental health detention, have been published in a leading law peer-review journal; and the second project is ongoing and examines the role of lay visitors in detention, including mental health settings.