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Publication - Professor Judith Masson

    Recognition of adoption orders

    a problem for the courts of England and Wales?


    Masson, J, 2016, ‘Recognition of adoption orders: a problem for the courts of England and Wales?’. Family Law, vol 46., pp. 1113-1119


    This article examines concerns expressed recently by family judges about the recognition in other countries of (domestic) adoption orders made in England and Wales in respect of children, who are not UK nationals but are habitually resident here. Concerns have been expressed both in cases where the parents have relinquished children for adoption to adoption agencies in England and where local authorities have proposed an adoption plan against parents’ wishes for children subject to child protection proceedings. The article concludes that, for both legal and practical reasons, these concerns are overstated, and that the court’s focus should be children’s welfare and rights to permanent care that meets their needs.

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