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Dr Janine Sargoni


Janine Sargoni was appointed as a lecturer in law in 2014.  Having previously practiced as a solicitor-advocate in Bristol, in 2008 she was awarded a '1+3' studentship from the Economic and Social Research Council prior to completing her LLM in European Legal Studies in 2009, going on to complete the MSc in Socio-Legal Studies in 2010 and being awarded her PhD in 2015.  Over the past five years Janine has taught a range of subjects on the LLB, LLM and MSc including Law and State, Law and Policy of the European Union I, Issues in Corporate Governance and Environmental Law .  She currently coordinates Socio-Legal Studies on the LLB, Social and Legal Theory on the MSc and Constitutional and Substantive Law of the European Union on the MA.  

Janine's doctoral thesis was entitled 'Characterising the Legitimate Regulation of Geoengineering Research' and was supervised by Professor Tony Prosser and Dr Margherita Pieraccini. Taking a regulatory perspective, and in the context of scientific research, the aim of her project was to explore how authority might be justly exercised in the absence of democratic legitimacy. Geoengineering is the “deliberate large-scale intervention in the earth’s climate system in order to moderate global warming” (Royal Society 2009); its further research is likely to precipitate transboundary effects and is currently unregulated. The project is particularly salient in the light of the Royal Society’s call for geoengineering research to be governed: it aims to answer the question 'how should geoengineering research be regulated?'