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Dr Foluke Adebisi


Foluke joined the Law School in September 2013. Subjects currently taught at Bristol University are UG and PG Contract Law and Foundations of Business Law.

Foluke holds an LL.M with Distinction from Lancaster University in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Her Ph.D, was also completed at Lancaster University. She has a background in legal practice and NGO work.

At Lancaster University, she taught Contract, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Evidence and English Legal Systems and Methods.

She teaches Contract Law and Foundations of Business. She has also taught Law of Tort.



I am a teacher of law, committed to exploring diversity in the content, process and structure of education, especially legal education. I explore the links between power structures, knowledge production, knowledge transmission and inequalities in (global) society. Nowhere is the association between law and society more overt than in legal education. Understanding the postcolonial nature of law helps us trace better connections between race and postcolonial coloniality and the enduring legacy of postcolonial law. European law (as inherited and adopted) has a long history of dispossession and separation. This history lives on in themes of globalisation and development and we run the risk of entrenching, reiterating and reproducing dominant epistemologies in our use and study of law. I explore these ideas by researching legal education in HEIs and encouraging accurate study of the Global South. Systems rise and fall on similar ideologies which impact educational outcomes, employment, and quality of life, for people (especially for women) of colour. Teaching should change the world. I teach for the world I want to see.





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