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Professor Diego Acosta Arcarazo


See Dr Acosta´s presentation on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Migration in the EU in Barcelona on 27 February 2015 (in Spanish)  

See Dr Acosta´s opinion column in El País (in Spanish):  

Dr Acosta led the organization of a Debate on the European Parliament elections on 28 April 2014 at the University of Bristol. The speakers were Ashley Fox MEP (Conservatives), William Dartmouth MEP (UKIP), Sir Graham Watson MEP (Liberal Democrats), Claire Moody (Labour) and Molly Cato (Green). As the main organizer for the debate, Dr Acosta was interviewed by BBC Bristol Radio (Geoff Twentyman program), BBC Points West, the Bristol Post, Jack FM and the Epigram Newspaper.

The entire debate's podcast may be found here: 

See Dr Acosta's interview at the Bristol Post:

See Dr Acosta's opinion column in El Mundo (in Spanish):

See Dr Acosta's policy brief in the European Commission's Bureau of European Policy Advisers: 

See Dr Acosta's presentation at the University of Ankara, Turkey, in November 2013 on youtube (mins 52:30-1.14:00):

See Dr Acosta's opinion column in El Pais (in Spanish):

See Dr Acosta's interview at the Brazilian TV station Brasil Internacional discussing the rights of migrants in Spain (in Portuguese):

See the European Commission's report on the implementation of the Long-term Residence Directive mentioning Dr Acosta's work:

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