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Dr Colin Nolden


Colin joined the University of Bristol as a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow in November 2017. Before joining Bristol, Colin worked freelance for Climate-KIC, Provadis School of International Management and Technology and DECC. Prior to that, Colin worked at a Research Fellow in Energy Efficiency and Innovation at the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit), University of Sussex. He completed his PhD at the Geography Department, College of Life and Environmental Sciences and the Centre for Rural Policy Research, College of Social Sciences and International Studies, both University of Exeter. He received his undergraduate degree in Geography and History from University College Dublin and his postgraduate degree in Sustainable Development at the University of Exeter. In between, Colin worked as a steelworker, a mussel farmer and an energy efficiency consultant.

Colin’s research interests span sustainable energy policy, regulation, business models and markets at the intersection of climate change and mobility. He is currently working as a researcher for Riding Sunbeams, a consortium which aims to directly connect solar PV into electrified railway lines to power trains.