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Dr Clare Torrible



Clare’s doctoral research examines the relationship between civil actions against the police and police complaints, exploring the significant developmental impact each has had on the other and the current practical interplay between the two processes. Its empirical and analytical focus is on the settlement of police actions with particular emphasis on those cases where a complaint is not upheld but force legal advisors make the decision to settle the associated civil action.  Here the differing legitimacy claims of the two forms of accountability are brought most sharply into relief and Clare's research centres on what this reveals about perceptions of policing and police legitimacy.



Torrible. C,          “A Polarised Approach to Police Complaints”.  Society of Legal Scholars Conference 2015.



Clare graduated from Bristol University in 1995, going on the complete the Legal Practice Course in 1996. She trained in commercial private practice, gaining experience in commercial litigation, banking litigation and non-contentious commercial property work. She also has extensive experience in the public sector having acted as a prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service and as Senior Solicitor at the Avon and Somerset Police Authority.



University of Bristol Law School

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