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Publication - Dr Clair Gammage

    Sustainable Trade, Investment and Finance

    Toward Responsible and Coherent Regulatory Frameworks


    Gammage, C & Novitz, T, 2019, ‘Sustainable Trade, Investment and Finance: Toward Responsible and Coherent Regulatory Frameworks’. Edward Elgar Publishing


    Sustainable development remains a high priority in international politics and commerce. This timely book explores how the contours and facets of economic, environmental and social sustainability are reflected in the legal norms that govern trade, investment and finance.

    Examining a range of issues arising from private initiatives, national conduct and international organisations, the chapters interrogate the role of powerful global actors in the pursuit of sustainable development: China, the United States and the EU are all recognised as significant actors in a wider context of global partnership. The authors identify and investigate challenges to the realisation of a coherent sustainable development policy, engaging with the complex interactions of international, regional and national mechanisms that pose significant problems for the future of the planet, its people and their prosperity.

    Offering interdisciplinary insights on legal frameworks through the lens of sustainability, this discerning book will appeal to a range of academics interested in sustainability, trade, investment and finance, while also offering crucial insights for policy-makers into specific areas of regulation.

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