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Publication - Professor Charlotte Villiers

    Gender Justice in Financial Markets


    Russell, R & Villiers, C, 2017, ‘Gender Justice in Financial Markets’. in: Lisa Herzog (eds) Just Financial Markets?: Finance in a Just Society. Oxford University Press, Oxford


    Financial markets have often been represented and treated as gender-neutral domains despite the consequences of their operation and the structure of their institutions being deeply gendered. In the post-financial crisis period the contribution of women to financial markets (whether as creditors, entrepreneurs or consumers) has been the subject of intense interest. Particular attention has been paid to the identity of financial market decision-makers. A lack of women’s representation in the boardrooms of influential companies is considered problematic. In response, financial market actors have emphasized the ‘business case’ for boardroom diversity. While the identity of corporate decision-makers is an important aspect of ‘gender-just’ financial markets, the ‘business case’ for reform lacks a secure theoretical and normative foundation. Instead, an alternative argument for women directors with a greater emphasis on social justice feminism is necessary if gender justice in financial market decision-making is realistically to be achieved.

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