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Publication - Professor Charlotte Villiers

    Global supply chains and sustainability

    the role of disclosure and due diligence laws


    Villiers, C, 2019, ‘Global supply chains and sustainability: the role of disclosure and due diligence laws’. in: Beate Sjåfjell, Christopher M Bruner (eds) The Cambridge Handbook of Corporate Law, Corporate Governance and Sustainability. Cambridge University Press


    This chapter explores the role of corporations that participate in global supply chains and looks specifically at the legislation emerging to try to address the problems that arise in a supply chain context. There is a notable shift from voluntary initiatives towards hard law solutions, in particular disclosure and due diligence requirements. The argument I pursue is that the disclosure measures introduced internationally and nationally only partially assist the efforts to achieve sustainability. Such measures are limited to achieve transparency, but they do not necessarily achieve progress in their substantive outcomes. Due diligence is more promising but to bring about the desired outcomes will require more active engagement with stakeholders, social movements and third parties.

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