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Publication - Dr Devyani Prabhat

    Britishness, belonging, and citizenship

    Experiencing nationality law


    Prabhat, D, 2018, ‘Britishness, belonging, and citizenship: Experiencing nationality law ’. Policy Press


    Nationality law in Britain is liberal and expansive in making it possible for immigrants to become citizens. Nonetheless, long-term residents, who are educated and possess skills that are important for the British economy, still face significant barriers to citizenship. This book offers insights into the experiences of long-term residents who have successfully become British citizens, through their own stories and newly commissioned illustrations of the journey of immigration. The goal is to explain the gap between formal law and law in practice, but the focus of the book is not solely on barriers—Devyani Prabhat also explores the feelings of belonging and empowerment that people experience during the citizenship journey.

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