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Dr Andrew Davidson

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Fax Number (0117) 331 2091
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School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Research overview

Research group

James Bird, Han-Chen Chiu, Holger Hannemann, Rosmani Ismail, Po-Yu Sung


MSc project


Research work focusing on the development of vaccines and antiviral agents targeted against a)dengue virus and other flaviviruses and b) SARS coronavirus. The development of genetic systems to manipulate the genomes of RNA viruses.

Expertise key words

  • dengue
  • flavivirus
  • virology
  • SARS
  • coronavirus
  • RNA virus

  • Latest publications

    1. Chiu, H-C, Hannemann, H, Heesom, KJ, Matthews, DA & Davidson, AD 2014, ‘High-throughput quantitative proteomic analysis of dengue virus type 2 infected A549 cells’. PLOS ONE, vol 9., pp. e93305
    2. Lim, SP, Koh, JHK, Seh, CC, Liew, CW, Davidson, AD, Chua, LS, Chandrasekaran, R, Cornvik, TC, Shi, P-Y & Lescar, J 2013, ‘A crystal structure of the dengue virus non-structural protein 5 (NS5) polymerase delineates interdomain amino acid residues that enhance its thermostability and de novo initiation activities’. The Journal of biological chemistry, vol 288., pp. 31105-14
    3. Kleef, Kv, Overheul, G, Thomassen, M, Kapstein, S, Davidson, AD, Jacobs, M, Neyts, J, Kuppefeld, Fv & Rij, Rv 2013, ‘Identification of a new dengue virus inhibitor that targets the viral NS4B protein and restricts genomic RNA replication.’. Antiviral Research, vol 99., pp. 165
    4. Hannemann, H, Sung, P-Y, Chiu, H-C, Yousuf, AMA, Bird, JM, Lim, SP & Davidson, AD 2013, ‘Serotype Specific Differences in Dengue Virus Non-Structural Protein 5 Nuclear Localization.’. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol 288., pp. 22621-22635
    5. Kumar, A, Buhler, S, Selisko, B, Davidson, AD, Mulder, K, Canard, B, Miller, S & Bartenschlager, R 2013, ‘Nuclear localization of dengue virus nonstructural protein 5 does not strictly correlate with efficient viral RNA replication and inhibition of type I interferon signaling’. Journal of Virology, vol 87., pp. 4545-57
    6. Worm, Svd, Eriksson, K, Zevenhoven, J, Weber, F, Züst, R, Kuri, T, Dijkman, R, Chang, G, Siddell, S, Snijder, E, Thiel, V & Davidson, A 2012, ‘Reverse genetics of SARS-related coronavirus using vaccinia virus-based recombination’. PLoS ONE, vol 7., pp. e32857
    7. Dejnirattisai, [V, W., , Webb, A, Chan, V, Jumnainsong, [V, A., , Davidson, A, Mongkolsapaya, J & Screaton, G 2011, ‘Lectin switching during dengue virus infection’. Journal of Infectious Disease, vol 203., pp. 1899 - 1905
    8. Chang, G, Oliver, E, Stanton, I, Wilson, M, Luo, B, Lin, L, Davidson, A & Siddell, S 2011, ‘Genetic analysis of murine hepatitis virus non-structural protein 16’. Journal of General Virology, vol 92., pp. 122 - 127
    9. Kuri, T, Eriksson, K, Putics, A, Züst, [V, R., , Snijder, [V, E.J., , Davidson, A, Siddell, S, Thiel, [V, V., , Ziebuhr, J & Weber, F 2011, ‘The ADP-ribose-1’’-monophosphatase domains of SARS-coronavirus and human coronavirus 229E mediate resistance to antiviral interferon responses’. Journal of General Virology, vol 92., pp. 1899 - 1905
    10. Luo, D, Wei, [V, N., , Doan, DN, Paradkar, [V, N., P, , Chong, Y, Davidson, A, Kotaka, [V, M., , Lescar, J & Vasudevan, SG 2010, ‘Flexibility between the protease and helicase domains of the dengue virus NS3 protein conferred by the linker region and its functional implications’. Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol 285., pp. 18817 - 18827

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