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Professor David Anstee

International Blood Grp Ref Lab, Southmead Road, Southmead
BS10 5NB
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School of Biochemistry

NHS Blood & Transplant

Research overview

Directs the activities of IBGRL and BITS. Editor of Transfusion Medicine and National Coordinator of research for the NBS.


The Bristol Institute for Transfusion Sciences


MSc project

Latest publications

  1. Betin, VMS, Singleton, BK, Parsons, SF, Anstee, DJ & Lane, JD 2013, ‘Autophagy facilitates organelle clearance during differentiation of human erythroblasts: Evidence for a role for ATG4 paralogs during autophagosome maturation’. Autophagy, vol 9., pp. 881-893
  2. Spring, FA, Griffiths, RE, Mankelow, TJ, Agnew, C, Parsons, SF, Chasis, JA & Anstee, DJ 2013, ‘Tetraspanins CD81 and CD82 Facilitate alpha 4 beta 1-Mediated Adhesion of Human Erythroblasts to Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1’. PloS one, vol 8.
  3. Griffiths, RE, Kupzig, S, Cogan, N, Mankelow, TJ, Betin, VMS, Trakarnsanga, K, Massey, EJ, Parsons, SF, Anstee, DJ & Lane, JD 2012, ‘The ins and outs of human reticulocyte maturation Autophagy and the endosome/exosome pathway’. Autophagy, vol 8., pp. 1150-1151
  4. Griffiths, RE, Kupzig, S, Cogan, N, Mankelow, TJ, Betin, VMS, Trakarnsanga, K, Massey, EJ, Lane, JD, Parsons, SF & Anstee, DJ 2012, ‘Maturing reticulocytes internalize plasma membrane in glycophorin A-containing vesicles that fuse with autophagosomes before exocytosis’. Blood, vol 119., pp. 6296-6306
  5. Anstee, DJ, Gampel, A & Toye, AM 2012, ‘Ex-vivo generation of human red cells for transfusion’. Current Opinion in Hematology, vol 19., pp. 163-9
  6. Singleton, BK, Frayne, J & Anstee, DJ 2012, ‘Blood group phenotypes resulting from mutations in erythroid transcription factors.’. Current Opinion in Hematology, vol 19., pp. 486-493
  7. Singleton, B, Lau, W, Fairweather, V, Burton, N, Wilson, M, Parsons, S, Richardson, B, Trakarnsanga, K, Brady, R, Anstee, D & Frayne, J 2011, ‘Mutations in the second zinc finger of human EKLF reduce promoter affinity but give rise to benign and disease phenotypes’. Blood, vol 118., pp. 3137 - 3145
  8. Satchwell, T, Bell, A, Pellegrin, S, Kupzig, S, Ridgwell, K, Daniels, G, Anstee, D, Akker, Evd & Toye, A 2011, ‘Critical band 3 multiprotein complex interactions establish early during human erythropoiesis’. blood, vol 118 ., pp. 182 - 191
  9. Singleton, BK, Fairweather, VSS, Lau, W, Parsons, SF, Burton, NM, Frayne, J, Brady, RL & Anstee, DJ 2009, ‘A Novel EKLF Mutation in a Patient with Dyserythropoietic Anemia: The First Association of EKLF with Disease in Man.’. Blood, vol 114., pp. 72-72
  10. Richardson, B, Heesom, K, Parsons, S, Anstee, D & Frayne, J 2009, ‘Analysis of the differential proteome of human erythroblasts during in vitro erythropoiesis by 2-D DIGE’. Proteomics - Clinical applications, vol 3 (9)., pp. 1123 - 1134

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