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Professor Gary Foster

Molecular Plant Pathology and Fungal Biology

  • Plant Pathology
  • Plant Virology
  • Plant Molecular Biology
  • Molecular Virology
  • Molecular Mycology

Gary’s research is focused on investigating a range of interconnecting themes that include plant virology, plant pathology, plant molecular biology, molecular mycology and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary approach to this research is one of the strong selling points, along with a vibrant lab community and the strong supervisory team, which has been supported by a range of funding sources continuously since 1992. This has included funding from the BBSRC, DEFRA, LESARS, Royal Society, the Wellcome Trust, DfID/ODA, Rothamsted International, and collaborative funding with agricultural industries and institutes, such CSL-York, HRI-Wellesbourne, RHS-Wisley, PBI-Unilever. Funding has also come from international partnerships and collaboration that have created research links/interchanges and visitors to the research group. The molecular mycology and biotechnology areas have also covered projects on drug discovery and manipulation supported through interactions with a range of pharmaceutical companies including a major collaboration with GSK on antibiotic discovery and development.

Research keywords

  • plant pathology
  • plant virology
  • plant molecular biology
  • molecular virology
  • molecular mycology
  • biotechnology
  • GM plants