Strand 5: Methodology

Journal Articles

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Working Papers

The choice between fixed and random effects: some considerations for educational research.
Clarke, P., Crawford, C., Steele, F. & Vignoles, A. (June 2010) . CMPO Working Paper 10/240.

Instrumental variable estimators for binary outcomes.  - UPDATE of 09/209
Clarke, P. & Windmeijer, F. (June 2010)  CMPO Working Paper 10/239.

Identification of Causal Effects on Binary Outcomes Using Structural Mean Models (pdf, 293.4kB)
Paul Clarke and Frank Windmeijer. July 2009. CMPO Working Paper 09/217.

Instrumental Variable Estimators for Binary Outcomes (pdf 386.4b) (PDF, 386kB)
Paul Clarke and Frank Windmeijer. January 2009.  CMPO Working Paper 09/209