Computational Neuroscience for Human Behaviour

Conveners: Dr Rosalyn Moran (Engineering Mathematics), Dr Cian O'Donnell (Computer Science) and Dr Conor Houghton (Computer Science)

Computational Neuroscience for Human behaviour is a series of three workshops aimed at generating debate and forging new ideas in which computational models of mind and brain are applied to human behaviour. We ask whether the current mathematical formalisms applied in neuroscience are equipped to answer deep questions beyond understanding laboratory animals performs highly controlled experimental task. Is computational neuroscience missing some key concepts understood as foundational components of human behavior within the humanities and arts and clinical sciences? In each workshop we will convene a panel of experts to discuss contemporary research and views from psychiatry, linguistics and memory. Our fora include: Computational Neuroscience meets Linguistics, Computational Neuroscience meets Psychiatry and Computational Neuroscience meets Memory.

 Bringing linguistics and computational neuroscience together will strengthen the bond between computational linguists and humanities researchers by placing the computing brain as a bridging tool. Psychiatrists though supported in foundational science by new developments in neuroscience may find direct application to practice somewhat of a stretch. How can we better translate our computational assays of mind to the coal face of mental health treatment? Finally in an era of fake news, data overload and evolving self-image – how does our brain provide substrates for new and old ideas to co-exist cohesively within our neural wetware?

Details about the workshop will be posted shortly.