UoB BMVP Elay Shech Lecture: Historical Inductions Meet the Material Theory

3 July 2018, 4.00 PM - 3 July 2018, 5.00 PM

Professor Elay Shech, Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Lecture Theatre 1, 3-5 Woodland Road

Dr Elay Shech is a philosopher specializing in philosophy of science and philosophy of physics. However, his research interests are broad and cover a wide range of areas in philosophy including aesthetics and the philosophy of art, philosophy of mathematics, and history of science.

Historical inductions, viz., the pessimistic meta-induction and the problem of unconceived alternatives, are critically analyzed via John Norton’s material theory of induction and subsequently rejected as non-cogent arguments. It is suggested that the material theory is amenable to a local version of the pessimistic meta-induction, e.g., in the context of some medical studies.

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