BMVP Uzy Smilansky departmental talk: The Computerized Archaeology Laboratory in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem: past results and future plans.

7 November 2018, 3.00 PM - 7 November 2018, 4.00 PM

Professor Uzy Smilansky

Reception Room, 43 Woodland Road

The Computerized Archaeology Laboratory (and its progenitor at the Weizmann Institute) celebrates fifteen years of computer aided research in Archaeology, focusing mainly on the study of optically scanned  and digitized 3-D models of objects. Their sizes range between a few millimeters (e.g. grape pips) to substantial architectural elements, such as capitals of Herodian columns.  

The leitmotif in our work is to go beyond the technical stage of documentation in 3-D, and to use the computer to approach issues which could not be addressed by traditional archaeological methods, thereby opening new questions and research directions in Archaeology. I shall illustrate this by reviewing several research projects, including prehistorical lithic tools, cuneiforms, Iron Age storage jars, rock engravings, archaeobotanical remains, and coins. I shall end by discussing lessons derived from our past successes and failures and outlining future projects.

Contact information

Please contact Dr Tamar Hodos (Archaeology) for information regarding attending this talk:

Visit Professor Smilansky's profile page on the Institute for Advanced Studies website to find out more about his research and other events during his visit.