Nuclear Research Workshop 1: Identifying Current & Future Bristol Nuclear Related Research Topics

20 April 2010, 12.30 PM - 20 April 2010, 12.30 PM

Tuesday 20 April 2010, 12:30 - 14:00 - Knowledge Exchange Suite, Merchant Venturers Building


Professor David Smith, Professor of Engineering Materials, Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Nuclear Research Workshops are an opportunity to bring together all the current Nuclear activities in the University. We have the potential to be recognised as a leading nuclear Institute in the UK, and against the backdrop of the "nuclear renaissance", this is the right time to hold workshops, define our core activities and seek to identity research grand challenges.

This "Nuclear Renaissance" reflects two major factors:

  • the requirement to replace current ageing nuclear power systems;
  • and the growing need to reduce carbon emissions.

On top of these factors there is the growing demand for a resilient and secure energy supply.  Although the term is widely used by the Industrial sector, there is an increasing requirement for University underpinning research particularly from main government and industrial stakeholders, e.g. Research councils, Technology Strategy Board, British Energy/EDF, Rolls Royce (military and civil), RWE, EON, MOD and AWE. 

More immediately the Government Office of Nuclear Development (embedded in the Department of Environment and Climate Change – DECC) has launched a new Nuclear Centre of Excellence (NCE) with a £20M budget that is currently seeking close interaction with academia and industry.  The purpose of the NCE is to provide a focus for international engagement in nuclear research.

The University has niche nuclear-related research activities in the following areas.

  • Faculty of Engineering - Nuclear Systems Performance Centre that is a research alliance; Safety Systems Research Centre; Research Centre for Non-Destructive Testing; and the Industrial Doctoral Centre in Systems
  • Faculty of Science - Interface Analysis Centre and Human Factors Research in Department of Experimental Psychology
  • Faculty of Social Science and Law - Global Insecurities Centre

The purposes of the workshops are to:

  • bring together all current Nuclear activities in the University including research in the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences and Law;
  • establish a basis for coordinating such activities and the creation of a focal point
  • define Bristol “Research Grand Challenges” to promote our activities to Nuclear stakeholders, including Government Departments and Industry
  • seek to position the University as a leading UK institution for niche research activities in Nuclear research

A general plan for the workshops is:

For further details, please contact Dr Anita Fookes (, ext: 15941) or Professor David Smith (, ext: 15913).