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Dr William Roberts

I have a number of interests that broadly come under the description of using models to try and understand how the climate works.

I'm currently very interested in the changing climate of the tropical Pacific, on all timescales from interannual variability, or El Niño, to changes over many thousands of years. I have developed tools to try and understand how El Niño may react to long term changes in the background state and am applying these to investigate changes in the past and the future.

Moving towards the polar regions I am also interested in exactly what Heinrich Events are and what they did. Everyone seems to have there own (usually different!) ideas of what exactly these events were and what, if any impact they had on the global and local climate. Hopefully models can shed some light on this! 

For more details of what I'm looking at right now see my web page.

Research keywords

  • el nino tropical pacific tropics heinrich events laurentide ice sheet long term climate change