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Dr Taraka Davies-Barnard

Dr Taraka Davies-Barnard

Dr Taraka Davies-Barnard
PhD (Bristol)

Research Collaborator

Area of research

Land surface and climate interactions

Office 1.5n
University Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SS
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My work focuses on understanding what the implications of climate change would be for the terrestrial biosphere at a global scale, and how vegetation may respond and feedback to the climate.

This requires consideration of both biogeochemical aspects (e.g. changes in the carbon cycle) and biogeophysical aspects (e.g. changes in albedo or evapotranspiration) of vegetation and climate interactions, as well as quantifying changes in vegetation cover and biodiversity.

My current project looks to the past (the last 120 million years) to explore using a trait-based dynamic vegetation model the very different vegetation, its biodiversity and distribution. This can help inform the no-analogue future warm climates, as well as contribute to our understanding of how vegetation responses to climate changes. 


My PhD examined future interactions crop and climate interactions, focusing on the biogeophysical effects of vegetation changes. This included the effects of land use change as well as parameter uncertainty and deliberate crop albedo changes.

At University of Exeter, I was part of the team that implemented and tested the new Nitrogen cycle component, in collaboration with the Met Office Hadley Centre.

I'm currently working at University of Bristol using a trait-based dynamic vegetation model (called JeDi - yes! really!) to explore vegetation, carbon and biodiversity changes over the last 120 million years.



I do guest lecturing, typically on the Environmental Impacts and Policy course, and provide dissertation help when requested. 

From 2011 - 2015 I taught the sections of the 3rd year undergraduate course, People and Planet. P&P looks at human evolution, spread and development, and human's interactions with their environment over the last 8 million years to present day.


  • climate change
  • climate modelling
  • biogeophysics
  • vegetation dynamics
  • food security
  • geoengineering
  • crop modelling

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