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Dr Tamsin Edwards

Dr Tamsin Edwards

Dr Tamsin Edwards
MPhys, PhD(Manc)

Research Associate

Area of research

Uncertainty in earth system modelling

Office F1, 12 Berkeley Square
University Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SS
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+44 (0) 117 3314152



My PhD was in particle physics on diffractively produced Z bosons. My research interests are now in quantifying uncertainty in predictions from earth system models. I'm working on the EU Framework-7 programme ice2sea, which aims to improve projections of the contribution of ice to future sea level. I'm also studying past climates mainly to estimate climate sensitivity to atmospheric CO2 but also to improve understanding of the past. I worked on the NERC scoping study SAPPUR on the analysis, propagation and communication of uncertainty and risk for extreme weather. I'm a member of SUPRAnet who aim to improve proxy-based palaeoclimate reconstructions.



I do a lot of science communication and public engagement, including:


I started at the University of Bristol in 2006, after my PhD in high energy physics and MPhys at the University of Manchester.

Projects I have worked, or am currently working, for:


Senior Associate Teacher:

  • State of the Planet; Predicting and Changing the Future; Science and Society; Resilience: for Sustainable Development, 1st yr UG Open Unit (2011-present).

External teacher:

  • Climate modelling; Detection & attribution of climate change: for Climate change, 3rd yr UG Geog., U. of Gloucestershire (2008-2009).


  • Public engagement in climate science: for Big Ideas in Science, 1st yr UG Open Unit (2013);
  • Climate change; Abrupt climate change: for World in Crisis, 1st yr UG Open Unit (2011);
  • Land use and vegetation feedbacks (2009-2011); The next million years of climate (2012): for Environmental Impacts & Policy / Society & Nature, 3rd year UG Geographical Sciences;
  • Complexity and uncertainty in earth system modelling: for Introduction to Environmental Modelling, 4th yr UG Earth Sciences (2012);
  • China and the Environment: for MSc/MRes in Earth System Science (2008); 
  • Public understanding of prediction and uncertainty (2012); Calibration and uncertainty in earth system models (2013): for Cabot/CREDIBLE Summer School on Risk and Uncertainty in Natural Hazards, open to postgraduates, early career researchers, scientists from industry and government agencies (2013).


  • Numerical modelling in R: for Research Methods in Physical Geography / Environment & Society, 2nd yr UG Geographical Sciences (2012);
  • Field trip, 1st yr UG Geographical Sciences (2008-2009).


Many of my lectures can be found on my page.


  • Uncertainty
  • sea level
  • palaeoclimate
  • modelling
  • statistics
  • Bayesian
  • predictions
  • reconstructions

Recent publications

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