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Publication - Professor Richard Harris

    Featured Graphic. Balancing Visibility and Distortion

    Remapping the results of the 2015 UK General Election


    Harris, R, Charlton, M, Chris, B & Manley, D, 2017, ‘Featured Graphic. Balancing Visibility and Distortion: Remapping the results of the 2015 UK General Election’. Environment and Planning A.


    Cartograms are a popular way of presenting place based data that resolve the issue of small areas of high population density being rendered ‘invisible’ on a conventional map. However, as a solution they also flip the problem, distorting both the locations and shapes of other areas. The idea we propose is to strike a balance between visibility and distortion by considering the smallest interpretable unit for the map but otherwise preserving the link between the areas’ physical size and their space on the map. The method is demonstrated with a remapping of the 2015 UK General Election results.

    Full details in the University publications repository