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Dr Peter Hopcroft

Past abrupt climate change

My main interests are in past climate changes with a focus on understanding rapid changes as documented in different ice-cores. Most of my work involves climate modelling using general circulation models, but I am also interested in the Earth System responses, especially vegetation, wetlands and methane production and dust.

Currently I am funded by NERC on a 3 year project ‘Earth System Modelling of Abrupt Climate Change’. This work aims to explore mechanisms of abrupt climate change during the last glacial, with an emphasis on simulating key Earth System components including atmospheric dust and trace gas levels.

Previously I was part of the QUEST DESIRE (Dynamics of the Earth System and the Ice-Core Record) project. My work focussed on modelling Dansgaard-Oeschger events and the responses of wetlands and methane emissions as well as on the impacts of freshwater input to the oceans and the associated effects on global climate.

Research keywords

  • Dansgaard-Oeschger events
  • Wetland methane emissions
  • Bayesian inference