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Miss Natalie Lord

Miss Natalie Lord

Miss Natalie Lord
MSci (Bristol)

Research Associate in Nuclear Waste Safety

Area of research

Projecting long-term past and future climate change

University Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SS
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Research summary

My research focuses on modelling long-term past and future changes in climate that occur over tens to hundreds of thousands of years. On these timescales, variations in the three main orbital parameters (obliquity, precession and eccentricity) act as a significant forcing on climate. Changes in the natural carbon cycle also need to be considered, along with the impacts of future anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In order to model climatic changes over such long timescales, I use a combination of Earth System Models of Intermediate Complexity (EMIC), General Circulation Models (GCM) and statistical models (impulse response function for CO ...

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I am currently working as a Research Associate, and have recently submitted my PhD thesis for examination. Both my current research and PhD focus on modelling the long-term evolution of climate (from several thousand years up to a million years). This includes modelling future climate change, in order to assess its potential implications for post-closure performance assessments for disposal of radioactive wastes, as well as modelling past changes in climate, such as those that occurred during the late Pliocene. Model results for paleoclimates are compared to climate data from paleo proxies as a way of validating the modelling approaches used ...

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