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Dr Natalie Lord


I am currently working as a Research Associate, having completed my PhD in 2017. Both my current research and PhD focus on modelling the long-term evolution of climate, over timescales of tens of thousands of years up to a million years. This includes modelling future climate change, in order to assess its potential implications for post-closure performance assessments for disposal of radioactive wastes, as well as modelling past changes in climate, such as those that occurred during the late Pliocene. Model results for paleoclimates are compared to climate data from paleo proxies as a way of validating the modelling approaches used.

Before joining the University of Bristol, I worked as an Assistant Data Manager at a site investigation/environmental consultancy company. My primary role involved developing the data management and graphical reporting software used by the company (gINT Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental software), as well as user support and troubleshooting, writing of technical documents, training and marketing.