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Dr Levi Wolf


Levi is a geographic methodologist, focusing primarily on Bayesian spatial econometrics & psephology.

He did his doctoral training in the southwest United States and is now an American expat living and working in Bristol. His dissertation focused on the process of gerrymandering, manipulation of electoral boundaries in pursuit of political advantage, which was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement Grant. Levi has also worked on other epidemiological and econometric grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health while at Arizona State's GeoDa Center/Spatial Analysis Research Center and the University of Chicago Center for Spatial Data Science. Levi also worked as research staff for the policy, philosophy, and history behind American educational institution design in Designing the New American University.

Levi now works at Bristol continuing to improve and develop methods for spatial social modeling, statistical analysis, and spatial data science. Currently, he is interested in

  • analyzing processes of social-spatial polarization and segregation in cyberspace, meatspace, and headspace. 
  • developing novel methods for local quantitative analysis and modeling.
  • furthering Bayesian spatial modeling through basic research into statistical geocomputation.
  • improving model criticism and secondary analysis techniques to make more meaning from the models we use.

Levi also consulted for startups in San Francisco and Brooklyn as a spatial data scientist, statistician, and data engineer. He worked to build performant, responsive systems to conduct large-scale data cleaning, analysis, modeling, and visualization. He is a political believer in free and open source software, and works mainly in Python and Julia. He serves as co-maintainer of the Python Spatial Analysis Library, and lead author of Python cyberinfrastructure in geovisualization, exploratory data analysis, and Bayesian statistical modeling. 



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