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Publication - Dr Jo House

    Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide


    Le Quere, C, Raupach, M, Canadell, J, Marland, G, Bopp, L, Ciais, P, Conway, T, Doney, S, Feely, R, Foster, P, Friedlingstein, P, Gurney, K, Houghton, R, House, J, Huntingford, C, Levy, P, Lomas, M, Majkut, J, Metzl, N, Ometto, J, Peters, G, Prentice, I, Randerson, J, Running, S, Sarmiento, J, Schuster, U, Sitch, S, Takahashi, T, Viovy, N, Werf, Gvd & Woodward, F, 2009, ‘Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide’. Nature Geoscience, vol 2., pp. 831 - 836

    Full details in the University publications repository