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Professor Jemma Wadham

Ice and biogeochemical cycles

I am interested in all hydrological and biogeochemical processes that occur within glacier and ice sheet systems and in their fore fields and which have a potential regional or global impact.

My research interests span three primary fields:

1) Determining the role of glaciers and ice sheets in regulating global biogeochemical cycles, including evaluating the impacts of nutrients/carbon exported from ice sheets upon marine productivity and the impact of methane emission from subglacial and permafrost wetlands upon the atmosphere;

2) Understanding water flow through cryospheric systems and the associated feedbacks with ice dynamics and glacial ecosystems; and

3) Development and validation of in situ sensing technologies and autonomous platforms for the survey of icy ecosystems, including subglacial lakes and ice stream beds

Research keywords

  • Ice sheets and biogeochemical cycles
  • Subglacial chemical weathering
  • Glacier hydrology and hydrochemistry
  • In situ chemical sensors for icy ecosystems