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Dr Gemma Coxon


My PhD research focused on developing a diagnostic framework for the evaluation of multiple hydrological model structures.  My PhD utilised UK datasets to quantify and better understand uncertainties in hydrological model structure and discharge data, as well as assessing the value of different model diagnostics for discriminating between model structures and determining how different discharge uncertainties affect model selection.  

My current research is part of the MaRIUS project (Managing the risks, impacts and uncertainties of droughts and water scarcity) and aims to integate drought hydrology to the national scale.  The main focus of my work is to apply Dynamic TOPMODEL across the UK and provide enhanced modelling capability to represent drought processes in present and future climatic conditions.  My research interests include uncertainty in data and hydrological models, hydrological modelling in human impacted catchments and data visualisation.



School of Geographical Sciences

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