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Dr Fanny Monteiro


I moved to Bristol in 2009 with a Marie Curie Fellowship to work on the Oceanic Anoxic Events of the Cretaceous. With this work, I investigated the role of the nitrogen cycle, marine ecosystem and palaeogeography on paleo-biogeochemistry. I am now a NERC Research Fellow and lecturer working on exploring the relationships between plankton community structure and the carbon cycle for present and past climates.

I did my undergraduate studies in France at the Universities of Grenoble (studying Physics and Chemistry), Lyon (Planetary and Earth sciences) and Paris (Meteorology, Oceanography and Environment).

I graduated in 2009 from a Ph.D. in Climate Physics and Chemistry at MIT under the supervision of Mick Follows. During my Ph.D. I developed models of the biogeochemistry of the modern ocean to assess the distribution, ecology and regulation of nitrogen fixation, a main source of nitrogen to the marine ecosystem.