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Publication - Mr Erik Mackie

    Projecting Future Sea Level Rise (POSTbrief)


    MacKie, E & Wentworth, J, 2017, ‘Projecting Future Sea Level Rise (POSTbrief)’. Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


    This POSTbrief complements POSTnote 555 on Rising Sea Levels, which sets out the causes, likely future levels and implications of sea level rise. This POSTbrief provides further information on current projections of future sea level rise. It introduces sea level rise projections and discusses the various future emission scenarios used in the projections, the different modelling methods employed, as well as the likelihood ranges and uncertainties associated with them. It also provides an overview of the current sea level rise projections arising from different modelling techniques and emission scenarios and discusses high-end sea level rise scenarios.

    Full details in the University publications repository