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Dr Edward Armstrong

Climate Modelling

I am interested in using climate models to identify and understand feedbacks in the climate system and determine how these might be influenced by a changing climate. My work has focused predominantly on the feedbacks between the land surface and climate, including the impacts of anthropogenic land-use change such as deforestation and agriculture.

I am currently employed as a research associate developing a high resolution climate dataset for the past 60Kyr in order to determine the role of climate change in driving megafaunal extinction throughout the last glacial period. The project is funded by NERC via the Natural History Museum.

My PhD investigated the feedbacks between CO2 and the land surface with the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The AMOC is a system of North Atlantic Ocean currents that strongly influences climate in Western Europe and beyond. My work focused on understanding how the strength and variability of the AMOC might be influenced by both increasing CO2 and potential vegetation changes, including the impact of agriculture.  

Research keywords

  • Climate science
  • Climate modelling
  • Climate feedbacks
  • Land-use change
  • Ocean circulation
  • Decadal prediction
  • Climate policy and Mitigation.