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Dr Alexander Farnsworth


BSc. University of Cardiff - Atmosphere and Ocen Science (2001-2004).

MRes. University of Bristol - Natural Hazards investigating Atlantic tropical cyclones in an AOGCM, past, present and future (2005-2007).

P.hD - University of Reading, Meteorology - central African meteorology/climatology (2008-2014).


I am a senior research associate currently involved in wide ranging projects from paleoclimate model reconstructions, monsoon and atmopsheric dynamics to extinction events. I am part of the BETR-UMBRELLA project investigating monsoon and biodiversity evolution through the Cenoziic developing new methods to better understand their behaviour. Previously is was the lead post-doctoral scientist on the Cretaceous-Palaeogene-Eocene NERC funded project between the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford, which is investigating climate sensitivity to changing CO2 concentrations and tectonic shifts and the evolution of the global monsoon system.

My PhD looked into the dynamics of central African tropical meteorology and climatology, specifically focussing upon rainfall dynamics and variability.