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Dr Tom Jordan

Radio Glaciology and Geophysics

In my current research, funded as part of the EU Horizons 2020 program, I investigate the englacial and subglacial properties of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets using radar sounding data. I am particularly interested in applying advanced remote sensing techniques to extract glaciologically-relevant information. This includes using radar polarimetry to measure ice crystal fabric, radar interferometry to measure ice velocity, and radiometry and scattering analysis to infer the presence of subglacial water. Overall objectives include providing new constraints for numerical ice-sheet models and investigating ice-flow history and subglacial hydrological systems. I have also collaborated on projects involving radio propagation modelling for in-ice neutrino experiments, target detection in planetary radar sounding, development of ice-sheet digital elevation models, and radar investigation of subglacial geomorphology.

My graduate research focused on the characterization of photonic structures in marine animals using optical polarimetry and electromagnetic modelling. This included investigating mechanisms of polarized light reflectance in silvery fish and mantis shrimp, with a view toward uncovering biomimetic `design’ principles for application in optical devices.

Research keywords

  • Radioglaciology
  • Geophysics
  • Applied Electromagnetism
  • Visual Ecology.