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Professor Peter Rogers


  • Nutrition and Behaviour (PSYC 31032, year 3 option, Experimental Psychology)
  • Year 3 Experimental Psychology research projects.

PhD students supervised

  • Charlotte Buckley (2014-). Protein and appetite. Funded by ESRC SWDTC
  • Jennifer Ferrar (2014-). Thirst, fluid calories and energy intake.
  • Rebecca Johnson, MSc by Research (2014-). Motor effects of caffeine.
  • Nouf Gadah (2010-2013). Sugar and appetite. Funded by the King Abdullah Scholarship Program.
  • Sanaya Pardiwalla (2008-11). The psychoactive effects of chocolate and its constituents. Funded by Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards scheme.
  • Emma Keenan (2007-11). Sleep, mood and cognitive function. Funded by Industrial CASE award (BBSRC and GlaxoSmithKline).
  • Jessica Smith (2007-11). Effects of caffeine and theanine on anxiety and neurocognition. Funded by Unilever.
  • Michael Irvine (2007-10). Determinants of appetite and satiety for confectionery. Funded by Great Western Research (industrial partner is Cadbury plc).