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Professor Peter Rogers


I am a psychologist with an academic background in biological sciences. Broadly speaking, my current research is concerned with nutrition and behaviour, and involves fundamental and applied studies, and interdisciplinary collaboration. A major theme is motivation, learning and cognition in relation to the control appetite and the acquisition of food preferences. Further fundamental work has investigated dietary influences on cognitive performance and mood, and the psychopharmacology of caffeine. My research on caffeine, which began with questions about how preferences for caffeine-containing drinks develop, involves several original lines of work investigating the reinforcing, mood and psychomotor effects of this ubiquitously consumed substance. We are now applying similar methodologies in new research on nicotine.

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Key words

  • weight control
  • food choice
  • nutrition; health and behaviour
  • psychopharmacology
  • caffeine
  • craving and addiction
  • human classical conditioning