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Dr Jon Brooks


Dr Brooks uses a combination of sensory testing and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to investigate the function of the human nervous system. In particular, he has used MRI to study the brain's response to pain in healthy controls and patients. Most recently he has been developing techniques to study the human spinal cord with functional MRI.

Dr Brooks collaborates widely across the University with researchers working on pain (Professor Tony Pickering, Dr Robbie Drake), motor control (Professor Richard Apps), nutrition based research (Professor Jeff Brunstrom), engineering maths (Dr Rosalyn Moran), neonatal development (Dr Ela Chakkarapani), and multiple sclerosis (Dr Jade Thai, Dr Rosie Jones).

Nationally Dr Brooks collaborates with researchers within the University of Oxford (Dr Falk Eippert, Professor Irene Tracey) and Kings College London (Dr Matthew Howard, Professor Steve McMahon, Professor Steve Williams, Professor Gareth Barker). Internationally Dr Brooks works with researchers at Aarhus University (Denmark) to study patients with phantom limb pain (Professor Nanna Brix Finnerup) and nutrition based researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands (Dr Paul Smeets, Dr Guido Camps).



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