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Professor Jeffrey Bowers


One line of research addresses a phenomenon called long-term priming, which refers to a facilitation (or cost) in responding quickly or accurately to a stimulus previously presented in an earlier episode. Much of my work in this area attempts to relate word priming results reported in the memory literature with experimental and theoretical work on visual word identification carried out within psycholinguistics (e.g., Bowers & Marsolek, 2003). A second line of research addresses a key issue in cognitive psychology and neurobiology; that is, whether knowledge in the mind/brain is coded in a localist or distributed format. Much of my recent work has emphasized the value of localist coding in models of reading (e.g., Bowers, 2002). A third line of research is concerned with speech production. One question I have been investigating is the effects of literacy in naming single words in response to pictures.

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Key words

  • visual word recognition
  • speech production
  • connectionist modelling
  • word learning
  • word priming
  • visual word identification
  • psycholinguistics