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Decision-making in an Unstable World

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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC) has awarded the University of Bristol £1.6M to establish an inter-disciplinary centre to research Decision-making in an Unstable World, which will build on current world-class research on decision making which is carried out throughout the University. We will carry out experiments with human volunteers and build models to understand how decisions are made. The resulting models will then be applied to a range of real life problems.

Funds allow recruitment of two post-doctoral research associates and five PhD students, each with a fully-funded four-year scholarship. All seven researchers will be located in a newly-refurbished dedicated space within the social sciences zone of the University of Bristol.

In addition, the project will host an extensive visiting speaker programme, and the team will carry out frequent activities to ensure successful cross-disciplinary collaboration and maximise the impact of the research.

The Decision-making in an Unstable World Group is part of the Decision-making and Rationality research theme.

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